Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing #16 Wikis

I've learned so much about what a wiki is and how to use it in this class. I think it will be an awesome tool to use in the classroom with my eighth graders.

Now that I know how to create my own wiki at I am going to create a page for my students to have "book talks" about the novels they choose to use in my class for their reports. I think it would be a great way for them to share with each other what their opinions of certain books are. I'm hoping this will create more enthusiasm than the typical pen and paper reviews that I have done in the past. Also, I could use a wiki to create a book talk for certain genres or subjects such as "The Lonestar List Books 2009/2010."

I'm looking forward to incorporating many of these online tools we are learning this summer in the classroom. My students generally become more motivated about writing in the computer lab, and I think wikis will be another resource to foster this excitement.

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