Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing #23 Summary! I've Made It Through!

I had several favorite discoveries in this program. The first ones that come to mind are: organizing and saving time by signing up for Google Reader, finding new ways to play my tunes through Pandora, creating voice narration through PhotoStory, learning about Library innovation through blogs, learning about wikis and creating my own for cool classroom projects, making an online “bookmarks” page through Delicious that my students can access, and embedding videos into my blogs.

For my future learning experiences as a librarian, I believe this experience will prove to be extremely valuable. I now have much more confidence with many of the tools I knew about but didn’t practice much, and have learned some new skills that I can share with co-workers and students as well. As a technical resource “specialist” (librarian) I feel I have more weapons in my technical arsenal to use in helping others accurately find and use information on the web.

I was surprised that, in my personal life, I found avenues to expand learning and fun in my
hobbies as well through music, videos, blogs, and social networks. I also became better accustomed to keeping a regular blog and sharing with my friends.

I think that the format of this training is very easy to follow and the administrators are very quick and eager to help. I cannot think of anything I would have changed; even the time to finish it seemed just about right. I would most definitely continue on with more and/or new lessons with this program. This was a care-free and helpful way for me to learn new trends in online technology. I am very impressed and pleased.

Here’s my learning description of this experience in a phrase: TERRIFICALLY AND TECHNOLOGICALLY RELEVANT FOR TODAY’S SCHOOL LIBRARIAN.

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