Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing #17 Rollyo

I like this search engine. It is more focused, and it is easier to avoid a bunch of fluff-filled advertisements and other annoying web sites that often are a large portion of most other search engine results.

I first played around by creating a searchroll using their suggested topic of "health". This automatically brought up a list of reputable health related government sites, clinics, and websites (such as Mayo Clinic and WebMD). I then narrowed my search to topics on hair care and hair loss as I have been frustrated with the amount of shedding I've had this summer. Even though it may be related to taking three grad school classes in two months, I thought I would check out the tips from reputable sources anyway. :)

I also created my own searchroll using many of the educational sites I know and trust such as Education World and Scholastic. Now, when I do a search for a lesson plan or classroom idea, I can use this search engine and eliminate the majority of useless sites that would pop up on a search with google.

I think this would be helpful to use with students also. I could create a reference searchroll that includes only reputable sources, and have students use Rollyo as their search engine when we work on research-related writing projects. That way, I would not have to worry as much about them stumbling upon sites they should not be opening.

Rollyo will be a very functional tool for future assignments and even for my own focused interests. I definitely plan on continuing to use this search web site in the future.
Check out my created searchrolls on the right side of my public page:

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