Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing #20 - YouTube and TeacherTube

YouTube is a frequently visited site of mine already. For this exercise I stayed on my music theme and searched for "John Mayer." Suddenly and magically had a wealth of his music videos at my fingers. After I got my drooling under control, I decided to save the video to one of his more recent hits, "Say" that was used in the movie The Bucket List.
Check it out:
(and try containing yourself:))

For TeacherTube I found a great little video that shows all 20 Lonestar Book List Picks for 2009/2010. Each book has a one sentence "cliffhanger" to get students interested in picking the book up and reading. Since one of my biggest classroom goals is to guide my students to ENJOY reading and give them lots of freedom to CHOOSE what they want to read, this video will be helpful in instilling interest in books that fit the qualifications to win the Lonestar Book Award. In the previously blog I posted it as a link.

I plan to use this video in my classroom in the beginning of the year:

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