Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing #21 Podcasts and PhotoStory

I've used Microsoft's Photostory in the past for narrative writing projects with my students. It has so many benefits. It is free, and it is a great tool to combine, pictures, writing, and audio all in one project.

I've made many written narrative and music-filled PhotoStories in the past, but this was my first shot at using the audio to record my own voice. I decided to upload all the fishing pictures I've taken in the last few years and narrate what species each one is and where I caught it. I think I did a pretty decent job. The audio isn't perfect with several "ums" and pauses, but I'm sure I'll get better with more practice. Check out my "FishingStory":


  1. Rachel,

    I loved your fishing story. I am not a fisher-woman myself, but love to go with my dad just to hang out while he fishes (is that a word?) Anyway, I think you did a great job with the narration. I had never used Photostory before this class, and I can't believe I've been missing it all this time. It was so easy to use! I didn't tackle the narration part yet, but I did make this great story about our summer vacation with pics and music - I never even knew I could do that. Narration is next on my list to do. You did great!