Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing #11 LibraryThing

This is a neat tool for librarians. I created an account and listed the last five books I've read. In exploring the site, I found that it is almost exactly the same as another web site I'm a member of - Shelfari. I signed up on Shelfari several years ago and have been using it to document each book I read. I am also apart of interest groups (just like I see is available on LibraryThing). For me, I like to keep up with Young Adult Literature, Literature for Grades 6-8, Christian Literature, Historical Fiction, and Romantic Comedies. The sites can be helpful for librarians who want to hear other's opinions on books they are interested in recommending or purchasing. Librarians may also want to recommend groups to students who have a passion for a certain genre of literature. I know I will continue using this tool in the future.

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