Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thing #7 Cool Google Tools

I didn't realize we could use Google in so many ways. Every nine-weeks I create calendars for my students to follow. I used to use my school's email application to do this electronically, but last year the calendar component fizzled out. Now I know I can go to Google Calendar to create these and share them electronically instead of handwriting a blank calendar like I ended up doing the last semester of last year. Here is the link to the calendar I created for my family to know what days are online and what are face-to-face for my night class the next couple of weeks:

Google Earth is really exciting. I downloaded the application and then zeroed in on my home's street. I could even see my car in the driveway. It is just a hair away from being disturbing; knowing that at any given moment something from far above is taking pictures of us little people below.
My cooking group uses Google Docs to communicate meal duties once a week. I am out for a while with my night class, and I updated our Google spreadsheet to show what days I would be out and when I would start cooking again. Here is our online doc through Google:


  1. Rachel,
    I have used the Google Earth, too. I found my house on it, too. And I even saw my car from "above" parked in the driveway. I couldn't believe it. It was a little scary. But, I think it is kind of neat. It reminds us to be good, because someone is always watching from above :)

  2. Rachel,
    I am currently trying to switch all of my calendars over to Google calendars. It's tough to leave the pen and paper behind, but it's way more convenient. One cool thing I've discovered is the ability to link your Google calendar to the calendar on your smart phone. So, if you have an iphone or Blackberry you can set the calendars to automatically sync with one another. That means you could update the calendar for your students from your phone. Too cool!