Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thing #13- Delicious: Social Bookmarking

Today I signed up for Delicious bookmarks at http://www.delicious.com/. It is similar to “Favorites” on Internet Explorer, only it is web-based so you can access your bookmarks from any computer. Delicious also contains expanded options for organization and creating tags. It can be used just as a tool for accessing bookmarks from everywhere, or it can be used in many more elaborate ways.

I decided to set it up as a tool for my students to access when they want to retrieve online unit studies or find important websites that contain study guides and documents we use in class. I first made my bookmark page public. Then, I bookmarked several pages that I use with my students throughout the year. First, I bookmarked E4, our district’s Blackboard page. Students can click on this page and access our School’s happening and then go to my “teacher” page where they can download documents, handouts, and notes I use in my class. I gave it a few tags: Frick, E4, Seabrook_Intermediate, etc. Also, I bookmarked a unit study we do on Shakespeare, a Heroes Study of Greek Mythology, and access to a Persuasive Writing Project graphic organizer and rubric. I fully plan use this tool as a resource to give my students to go to for accessing units that we complete in class and work they are assigned out of class.
Check out what I have done so far:


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